Bertie's tears

Harry McGee is also writing about the latest skullduggery surrounding the Bertigate affair.

In fairness, we could be wrong about all this, perhaps McDowell was so overcome by Bertie’s tears he decided that legislation was needed to make it easier for politicians to abuse public office.

3 thoughts on “Bertie's tears”

  1. And then again it could all be just another pack of lies. But that would be a perfectly acceptable basis for Anthony to base his lastest biased editorial piece. The truth is irrelevant as long as its having a go at Bertie or FF.
    What a cad.

  2. And now as it emerges that the story upon which this editorial item is based in indeed a complete fabrication will Anthony and Gavin have the grace to acknowledge the fact. No they will not because what these two gentlemen are involved in is political assassination of the same type that Geraldine Kennedy was attempting last year.
    The truth is a bit of an inconvenience for these two chaps as it is continuously for Anthony O’Reilly and the Sunday Independent crew (remember Liam Lawlors passenger)
    I hope the Commission for Standards in Public Office is watching carefully as they will be in a much better position to assess the calibre of the so called complainants who are trying to “set up” some sort of sanction against the Taioseach.

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