A contemptible nation

For sheer brass neck and total disregard for the laws of the land it would be difficult to surpass the arrogant and contemptible activities of Minister for State, Pat the Cope Gallagher.

This pathetic excuse for a public representative illegally erected posters in Dublin last week (See post below). During my enquiries with Dublin City Council regarding this incident (ongoing) I was informed that the posters in question were returned to Gallagher as the authority had no storage space for them.

It is likely that these are the same posters erected by Gallagher in Donegal as they are identical to those taken down in Dublin.

Clearly, this backwoodsman politician is supremely confident that he lives in a country where the rule of law does not apply to those in power. There is overwhelming evidence that his confidence is fully justified.


A public representative who knowingly breaks the law has no credibility whatsoever and deserves only contempt.

Local authorities who effectively condone such activities by inaction have no credibility and deserve only contempt.

A body politic that condones such activities by failing to condemn them has no credibility and deserves only contempt.

A political party who tolerates such activities by one of its members has no credibility and deserves only contempt.

A sitting government that fails to act against such activities has no credibility and deserves only contempt.

A nation that tolerates such low standards from its public representatives and State authorities has no credibility and deserves the utmost contempt.