Vincent Browne and Ahern

RTE has an audio file with almost all of the exchange. Listen here with realplayer.

I agree with Vincent Browne, it is not credible that the money was for the purpose of the renovation of a house.

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  1. Right County Gavin, wrong corner. Lovely Glandore or just outside it to be precise. What are ye boys at atal atal. The only wrongdoing thats going on involves the media and specifically Colm Keena and Geraldine Kennedy. None of the current controversy would be taking place were it not for the illegal activities of that pair. In any case Berties star is rising yet again, up in the latest poll. Its quite remarkable you know that hes pulling in such a high percentage after so long in power. Maybe its not, the country is in a great state, full employment and all that.
    Looks like the two Mayo buckaroos Kenny and The Bunny are going to have to sit it out on the sidelines again. There will be plenty of republican types in the next Dail and they certainly wont be supporting yer blueshirt liberal buddies. Jackie and Beverly etc will have no truck with yer lot. There is a long way to go in the campaign yet and its beginning to look better every day. Up the Rebels. It looks like Mayo God help us yet again.

  2. Jaysus Eircom really are a mess then:

    IP Address : 86.43.75.# (Eircom)
    ISP : Eircom
    State/Region : Cork
    City : Midleton
    Lat/Long : 51.9094, -8.1736 (Map)
    Language English (United Kingdom)
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
    Javascript version 1.3
    Resolution : 1024 x 768
    Color Depth : 32 bits

  3. You can sing it Gavin. I have just been looking at my 2007 digital orthophotos for the region and my true national grid coordinates in Glandore are 51 deg 34 mins 01.88 secs 9 deg 06 mins 50.71 seconds thats the centre of the house by the way.
    There must be a bit of a bug in your Geo Byte system.
    I see that like kenny and the bunny ye have given up the dirty stuff about bertie and the government. Acting on instructions I suppose, but the damage is already done for the mayo buckaroos, kenny, higgins and the bunny.No way will they be getting a smell of government. Who could trust them, leaking sensitive information etc
    I might be down Cobh way next weekend, if I am I will bring the oul tool kit and see if I can sort out your coordinates.The auntie lives there you know.

  4. No sitemeter is correct. Though now your IP is static… FINGALCOUNTYCOUNCIL. If you need coordinates just use Google Earth?

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