President of Cloud Cuckoo Land

I don’t like President McAleese – Here’s why.

Firstly, she’s an ultra conservative Catholic who, in the main, represents that world view both religiously and politically. I may be naive but I believe that a president should represent all sections of society.

Secondly, she’s a great admirer of the corrupt politician Charles Haughey. Again it may be naïve but I believe a president should, at least publicly, refrain from defending criminal politicians who have betrayed their country.

Thirdly, President McAleese is one of those people, and there are many in Ireland, who has an amazing ability to ignore reality and live quite happily in cloud cuckoo land.

On the surface this may seem harmless enough but people of influence who live in cloud cuckoo land can seriously distort the truth of an event and thus mislead others about a brutal reality that needs to be met head on if it is not to be repeated.

I speak, of course, about the President’s visit to Messines Ridge in Belgium where the 16th Irish and 36th Ulster divisions fought in an important battle against the Germans in 1917.

Here’s some of what she had to say on the occasion.

“We know they came from different traditions which had very different ambitions, and yet on these fields their different traditions were put to one side. They were human beings who had a common cause and, through each other, they worked for that cause and showed to each other a goodness, a graciousness, a kindness, a love, a cherishing of one another.”

Different traditions put to one side? Human beings with a common cause? Showed each other goodness, graciousness, love and kindness? Jesus wept, where did this woman learn her history?

Here’s the reality: Ireland was on the brink of what would have been a brutal civil war in the summer of 1914. So inevitable was this conflict that when war was declared many thought the announcement was referring to civil war in Ireland.

The brutality and hatred was put on hold when the British promised the Unionists continued union and the Nationalists Home Rule. So they didn’t go off in ‘kindness and love’, they went off with a promise that their respective agenda’s would be met. When those agenda’s weren’t met the brutality and hatred recommenced.

The President did touch on reality when she described as tragic and shameful the manner in which the Republic ignored all those Irishmen who fought in WW1. And this remark brings me back to her place in cloud cuckoo land.

These men were ignored for decades because of a disgraceful lack of leadership, courage and vision in the Republic. A situation largely created by narrow minded ultra conservative Catholics and a body politic that exploited hatred of the British as a means of covering up their own incompetence in constructing a modern and enlightened state.

6 thoughts on “President of Cloud Cuckoo Land”

  1. What another utterly disgusting article from Anthony today. We have now come to expect stuff like this from the people promoting this thoroughly discredited blog but I think you will all agree that today Anthony Sheridan has hit rock bottom. Perhaps its an attempt to be controversial in order to attract a few more punters (these have been dwindling in number recently : no surprise there)
    Simply because our President was a Fianna Fail nominee for the job the Sheridan clan feel they are fully justified in attacking her. But the record of our President speaks for itself. She does her work quietly (unlike her predecessor)
    There are usually no journalists tipped off when she goes to visit the sick, the aged or children suffering from an intellectual disability. That might be a problem for Anthony as he fancies himself as a bit of a journalist (Examiner connections and all that)
    The President did sterling work when Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair were giving their all to bring peace to this Country. She took the trouble to invite diehard Loyalists to come South and visit her in the Aras. Anthony and of course Gavin in the backround have no time for the peace process and even less time for Nationalists. That says a lot about their competence to comment on whether this President represents all of the people of Ireland.
    I would suggest that her track record is second to none when it comes to representing people both North and South. But as I said, unlike Mary Robinson, no doubt a favourite of Anthony and Gavin there is no fanfare when the President goes about her very important duties. But then she has no great ambition to land a big job with the UN.
    I would say that despicable articles like we have seen today will help to drive out the last few posters and contributors this site has. Anthony and Gavin, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Hehe. I love the way you and Crewser both capitalise the first letter of words when you don’t have to. Did you both go to school together?

  3. I don’t agree with many of Anthony’s sentiments about President Mc Alesse but I don’t think his article is disgusting or despicable as Barry says. I think he’s raised valid issues which are worthwhile discussing.
    I believe part of our problems is that we tend to classify people as all bad or all good-and we can’t seem to have a debate without descending into personal abuse.

    I did n’t vote for President Mc Alesse because I thought she would be divisive in the North. I got it wrong- she and her husband have made huge efforts in the North.
    I felt she was wrong though to lead a trade delegation to China a country with a huge human rights problem.

    I was at a function for a forgotten group of people- with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. The President was amazing, when they interrupted her she dealt with it easily and gently. She made a point of greeting, shaking hands and trying to make connections with every single person with a disability. It was obvious she had done her homework and referred to individual people’s families and background and experience. She was there a scant 45 minutes but yet she made the night so special and memorable for those people and their families. For one night they felt like they were special and honoured. I will never forget that night and will always admire President mc Alesse for her abilities.
    However we should not skim over our legacy of forgotten heroes and victims of the catholic church many of whom are still suffering.

  4. One of the most disturbing [and embarrassing] components of politics in the US
    is the personal attacking of one who holds an opposing point of view. Most unfortunate the same has been cropping up here lately.

    Awhile back a question posed to Anthony was along the lines of what right do you have to post such things. The answer was “citizenship.” A better response couldn’t have been had.

    Living Banana Republic … I absorbed every word or your excellent comments because you responded to the issue raised … not the person raising it.

  5. Anthony,

    I am not a fan of President McAleese and I agree with the tone of the article – but I do think it’s worth asking that if Mary McAleese is an ultra-conservative Catholic, what on earth was she doing when she took over from Mary Robinson as legal advisor to the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform in the 1970’s? That is not the action of an ultra-conservative Catholic.

    On that point at least, give her a break.

    Keep up the fine work.

  6. Perhaps President McAleese is not the ultra conservative Catholic I have always taken her to be; perhaps she’s just a conservative Catholic. Break happily given.

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