Haughey and coalition gobshites

The subject of Fianna Fail in coalition came up on Saturday View.

Sean Haughey suggested that leading Fianna Fail into coalition will be seen as an important aspect of his (corrupt) father’s legacy. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that the corrupt Haughey acted in the higher national interest, which is exactly what the criminal claimed at the time.

The reality, as always with Haughey, was very different.

In 1989, after yet another failed election, Haughey had to choose between going to the country again or abandoning the Fianna Fail core ‘value’ on coalition. He knew that if he failed again he would be finished in politics.

Given that power was always his primary objective he had no problem doing what was necessary in his own interests. He completely bypassed his cabinet on the matter, calling them “a crowd of gobshites.” Some legacy