JWT – New frontiers?

Joe Walsh Tours (JWT) is an old and well established Irish tour company. The company has carried millions of people to exotic and distant destinations all over the globe.
But now there’s a new JWT, a JWT that will travel to the ultimate destination, the edge of the known universe.

In a joint venture between NASA, ESA and the Canadian Space Agency, the James Webb Telescope will replace the Hubble space telescope which has given long and valuable service to science.

Hubble has been able to see galaxies approximately 13 billion light years away but JWT will see much further, almost back to the Big Bang and the beginning of everything. Unlike Hubble, which operates from a position very close to earth, JWT will be placed an amazing one million miles out in space.

Another fascinating job for the new telescope will be the search for and study of exoplanets. These are planets outside our solar system which could provide us with the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. Currently, these planets are detected by the way their orbits dim the light of their stars but JWT should be able to see them directly.

So, how long before the Irish JWT is organizing tours to new planets discovered by the space JWT?