Myers gets it right

I rarely agree with Kevin Myers but his views on the Flynn scandal in last Wednesday’s Irish Independent hits the nail right on the head. (Emphasis mine)

On Irishness;

“So, perhaps rightly, Fianna Fail sees itself as the true voice of Irishness. The party is at bottom a political assertion of that – and those who guard that identity are not to be judged by lesser, imported concepts, such as the “law“.”

On Fianna Fail he says;

“Even today, Fianna Fail’s morality is that of a conquered people, for whom law is a conqueror’s instrument, and secret conspiracies the cultural norm. Loyalty, not law, is the abiding characteristic of the Fianna Fail family.”

On Flynn he says;

“And the extreme, female embodiment of that culture is the unspeakable Flynn-woman, a proven liar, a fraudster, a creature of no integrity, and a traitor who, in any state with a clearly defined public morality, would be in jail.”

2 thoughts on “Myers gets it right”

  1. Myers is a rare old imperialist codger with a strange set of values. Invariably you can take it that whatever he utters the opposite is probably true.

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