McDowell, an exploding time bomb

Progressive Democrats President Tom Parlon has announced he is to leave politics to head up the Construction Industry Federation.

Asked in an interview on RTEs News at One (1st item) how it came about he made no bones about blaming an ungrateful electorate.

“It’s fallout from the loss of my seat in the election. I put in a very active five years in politics, worked very hard for my constituency, felt I had a massive campaign, spent a lot of money and had a lot of support and got a right kick in the backside when the electorate made their decision.”

The question can be asked; why did the electorate give Parlon and the other PD TDs ‘a right kick in the backside’? The answer, I believe, is Michael McDowell.

On the 7th September 2006, after Mary Harney resigned her leadership I sent the following email to John Higgins, General Secretary of the PDs.

Dear Mr. Higgins,

The people of Ireland can only hope that Michael McDowell is elected
as the new leader of the Progressive Democrats.

His arrogance, incompetence, giant ego and extreme right wing views are sure to cause the PDs even more damage.

The passing into history of the PDs can only be a good thing for the people of Ireland and especially for the quality of Irish democracy.

For a party that started out with such high ideals and integrity it has been sad to witness its descent to Fianna Fail levels of tolerance of sleaze and dishonesty.

Yours etc.

Parlon’s resignation is just the latest consequence in the continuing disintegration of the PDs since they lit the fuse on the time bomb that was Michael McDowell.

2 thoughts on “McDowell, an exploding time bomb”

  1. Am I to assume that the ‘slight’ conflict of interest brought about by Tom Parlon’s new position within the CIF isn’t going to get a mention on here?

    I’ve read previous comments on here which accused you of having your own political agenda, and it would appear to be the case.

    Public Inquiry – Examining corruption in Ireland (as long as it doesn’t involve the PD’s)

  2. Mmm…The suggestion seems to be that this blog is pro PD. Suggest you read the post that you responded to and then type in ‘Progressive Democrats’ in search.

    Come back to me with all the posts that are favourable to the PDs. and we can have a chat about them.

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