Telling letters

Two telling letters in today’s Irish Times on the plan to force registration of all ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones.

Madam, – The Government’s plan to require registration of pay-as-you-go mobile phones is doomed to failure. The majority of pre-pay customers are teenagers and young adults who live at home or in rented accommodation and pay no utility bills in their own name. If the Government requires “proof of address” to register, either this group will be prevented from obtaining phones (and will the multi-billion-euro telecoms industry allow this?) or the standard of proof will be set so low as to be meaningless. The biggest beneficiary of this plan will be criminals, who will swiftly set up a black market in second-hand and unregistered phones. – Yours, etc,
Dublin 9.

Madam, – What excellent logic the Government displays by planning to order all us innocent citizens to register pay-as-you-go mobile phones, just in case criminals might, some day, use the same for nefarious purposes. I trust all TDs and senators will now immediately register any pay-as-you-go lawyers, bankers, accountants, lobbyists and developer friends to aid the never-ending fight against political corruption. – Is mise,
Co Waterford.