Hiding out in Bertie's bunker

There was a long line of angry people on Liveline (Wed/Thu) complaining about being ripped off by a company called New Look Windows. Many of the callers desperately wondered what they could do, who they could turn to for help.

Well, if they’re really optimistic they could try the National Consumer Agency. Speaking on Time Prime last March its executive chairwoman, Ann Fitzgerald said (in a Clint Eastwood, make my day punk, tone).

“We are been given huge powers and we as a board are not afraid to use them and we will use them.” “Business’ who treat consumers unfairly will be brought to court.”

I say optimistically, because when the NCA was faced with its first challenge, the Barbra Streisand concert debacle, it promptly handed over investigation of the disaster to the organisers of the concert, to investigate themselves.

So where is the NCA when these desperate Liveline callers need help? Probably snowed under reading those promised weekly reports from the Streisand investigation committee or perhaps they’re hiding out in that reinforced bombproof bunker with Bertie.