Death bus letter

I received a very nice letter from Noel Brett, CEO of the Road Safety Authority today in response to a recent post (The post was emailed to the RSA).

The letter outlined how the RSA responded to the complaint of a bus driver recklessly driving his vehicle with his elbows as he counted his takings. The complainant, Mr. Murphy, was also (rightly) commended for his actions but there was no hint that the RSA would be taking any follow up action to ensure that the driver is made accountable.

What are the chances that the safety of passengers will be protected by making this dangerous driver accountable? About the same, I would say, as getting a straight answer from Bertie Ahern.

3 thoughts on “Death bus letter”

  1. The complainant should report the incident to the Garda Trafficwatch line – 1890-205805. While they are not renowned for the speed of their response, I do find that they generally will respond and invite the complainant to make a formal statement at the station. I find this route more effective that a verbal complaint to the local station, as the incident gets logged on a system by the person who answers the phone, so the local Garda can’t just toss the report in the bin.

  2. So the witchunt continues !

    Why don’t you check out why Drivers are put under so much pressure by their overpaid Managers and company owners. Don’t just focus on the one Driver who was ‘caught’ taking chances so that he ‘might’ finish and go home on time.

    Try taking a holistic approach and see the big picture.


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