Waffler abuse

Conor Lenihan, Minister of Justice, Equality and Law Reform Minister for Integration got very tetchy on Saturday View. He was not at all happy that citizens were allowed to express their views on national radio.

He was very upset that the majority of listeners disagreed with his view that Bertie Ahern had done nothing wrong.

He attacked the media, RTE and the programme presenter personally, accusing him of, horror upon horror, conducting a Joe Duffy/Liveline like show which wasn’t proper current affairs.

Bizarrely for a Fianna Fail politician, Lenihan warned the presenter

‘to be careful with the truth’.

When a man in his fifties said that the long line of Lenihan wafflers made him feel like he was doomed to Groundhog Day forever, Conor lost it and accused RTE of abuse.

Imagine, accusing a Fianna Fail politician of being a waffler, the very idea.

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  1. The Lenihans and Mary O Rourke remained very silent about the theft by Charles of Haughey of money from the charity set to pay the late Brian Lenihans medical expenses as did their leader Bertie Ahern. Career is more important than principle and integrity

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