'Lucky' Councillor

Fine Gael councillor, Frank Kilbride was shocked, not because he had just overturned his car while being chased by Gardai. No, Frank was shocked at the outrageous suggestion that he was drunk while driving.

“Do you know who I am, you can’t do me for drink driving”

he sternly warned the forces of law and order.

But what about the strong smell of alcohol from the good Councillors breath?

That smell wasn’t from my breath, it came from a bottle of wine that broke and somehow spilled over me after I crashed while being chased by Gardai at 2.50 in the morning.

What about refusing to provide a urine sample or allow a blood sample to be taken and what about your non cooperation with the Gardai on the matter?

Can you prove that allegation?

Well, no, because somehow, somebody made a technical error in the wording of the charge, making it inadmissible.

Do you consider yourself lucky, Cllr?

Lucky that I live in a country where the law is a joke?

Well, yes, but also lucky that you didn’t have to take time off from your important work as a councillor to attend somebody’s funeral.

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