Reckless hero

Sometimes it’s the small things that highlight our lax attitude to the law and how we seem to be totally ignorant of why obedience to law is good for us.

Last Tuesday (16th), Pat Kenny was interviewing a taxi man who refused to hand over his cash to a gun waving thief. The (foolish) ‘have a go hero’ was describing how his seat belt prevented him from getting out of his cab to confront the gunman.

Pat Kenny:

A lot of drivers don’t wear seat belts and I think you’re allowed by law not to wear it.

Foolish Hero:

No, that changed, Pat. We have to wear it and to be honest with you I don’t wear it a lot myself. Maybe on longer spins but around town I’m inclined to just strap it around my shoulders.


Yeah, but on this occasion it was clicked in?

Foolish Hero:

Unfortunately, it was, and fortunately, I don’t know what I’d have done if I’d got straight out.

There’s a good chance the thief would have panicked and shot our hero if he hadn’t been restrained for that vital moment. In effect, the seat belt probably saved his life.

Pat Kenny was very impressed by the reckless bravery of the taxi man so he’s probably also impressed that he constantly puts his life in danger every day by driving around without a seat belt.

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