Straight talker

Professor John Crown, consultant oncologist, was interviewed on Today with Pat Kenny (Tuesday) about the disgraceful state of cancer treatment in Ireland.

Prof. Crown is one of those rare people who say exactly what they mean with passion and without regard for the sensibilities of official or political egos.

When some listeners suggested that there was a political agenda behind his strong attack on Mary Harney and the Progressive Democrats he replied:

“Don’t question my motives, they are clear. I detest everything the PDs stand for. I grew up in the 1980s in the Haughey era of Irish politics.

I was one of the people who shouted hurray when the PDs came to light as the new voice for principled politics in Ireland, principles which they have systematically abandoned year by year.

I was delighted to hear the good news this morning that deputy Grealish was thinking of joining Fianna Fail. I wish they would just fold up the tent, go into Fianna Fail and stop acting as stalking horses for Fianna Fail.”

I couldn’t agree more. The interview is well worth listening to.