The cold and impartial hand of the law – mostly

I see republican Thomas ‘Slab’ Murhpy has appeared in court on alleged revenue offences. The police, Criminal Assets Bureau, Revenue and the courts all working together to make sure this citizen, who is suspected of cheating the state of about €2.5 million is brought to justice.

After all, it is only right in a functional democracy that people who cheat on their taxes should feel the cold and impartial hand of the law.

Meanwhile, that toothless tiger, the Director of Corporate Enforcement is still struggling to have the corrupt Bailey brothers disqualified from the management of any company (Sub. required) on the grounds of serious misconduct and fraud.

Last year, these corrupt businessmen made the largest tax settlement in Irish history, €22.17 million, when they came to ‘an understanding’ with Revenue.

We don’t know why the forces of the state failed to act in this instance but I would like to reassure any concerned citizens out there that it had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that these fraudsters are major contributors to a number of political parties – the very idea!

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