2 thoughts on “Ahern on buying houses in Leitrim”

  1. Anthony

    Many thanks for posting my vid to your blog. The clip is from a short film on the opening of the John McGahern library in Leitrim in Oct 2006 and the comments were a reference to his troubles which had first emerged back then and ‘haven’t gone away you know.’ The film is called ‘Amongst Friends’ (which Bertie surely was) and can be viewed in full at http://www.ironmountainmovies.com

    Another interesting point is that that Bertie as Taioseach acknowledged the hurt caused to McGahern and his wife Madeline (who was present) which probably is as close as they will get to a State apology for the sacking of McGahern from his teaching post and the banning of his work. in those bad old days when everybody kissed the Bishops ring. (whether that was the ring on his finger or posterior is a story for another day)


    Ronan Gallagher
    Iron Mountain Movies

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