The pity of Eoghan Harris

There was a time when Eoghan Harris was a brilliant, clear thinking, analytical journalist. He was also an impressive strategist as evidenced by the critical part he played in the election of Mary Robinson as the first woman president of Ireland in 1990.

Sadly, for reasons that genuinely puzzle me, he now exists in the same ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world populated by Bertie Ahern and all those who actually believe that he’s an honest politician.

Interviewed on RTEs News at One (2nd item) Harris blasted all and sundry for their part in an evil conspiracy to bring down the greatest Taoiseach in Irish history. Here’s a flavour of his rant.

The evil leader of this conspiracy is the Irish Daily Mail, not just because it’s an organ of the media but its British – attacking a great Irish leader. Morning Ireland, the Irish Independent and the Irish Times are all co-conspirators.

The Mahon Tribunal is deliberately trying to do down this great Irish patriot and is populated by greedy lawyers led by a tax avoiding judge. The whole surreal operation should have been shut down years ago.

The attack on our glorious leader is akin to the McCarthy era in America, the Stalinist era in Russia, led by a lying British based newspaper with a very bad track record in relation to the fascist appeasement before the war. (Feck, where did that come from?)

This campaign is tainting Irish politics, Irish politics is being corrupted by this endless diet of sensation hunting (No, really, he said that).

Cowardly Fianna Fail politicians should take courage and defend the great leader by absolutely refusing to talk to the media. All political parties should now stand up to this sick journalism.

Phew! What passion, what loyalty – what a pity?

8 thoughts on “The pity of Eoghan Harris”

  1. This man is one of berties pawns. If you cant shut them up, pay them off instead. Give them a cushy job title with a great salary and the reciever of this gift will feel endebted to you. Problem sorted.
    But seriously it makes you wonder about these so called great thinkers, the intellectuals, the voices for the people, the journalists. They give Berty way too much credit than they should. Berty is like a 10 year old kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He knows he`s been caught and everyone else knows it too but he is determined to lie his way out of it. So off he goes one lie after the other. Of course it makes no sense but the journalists go with it, see where it goes. Everyones got a differant angle on it. See who can get the most column inches out of it. It gives them something to write about and thats all that matters. Its just words.

  2. Quiz:whats the difference between Des Traynor and Des Richardson?
    Answer;One was hung out to dry after he had passed on- the other, while he was in the land of the living.!
    For Bart Ahern to pose as the anti “one armed bandit” saviour of the nation, is rich given that thousands of concerned citizens and dozens of councillors around the country failed to rally support, and effectual action, among prominent politicians to stamp out the flagrant abuse of weak gaming laws that existed at that time. Numerous get rich quick merchants from all walks of live grew very rich from this racketeering-not least among them the now multi-millionaire,Isle of Man based, Jim Kennedy of the “Carrickmines rezoning scandal” fame.
    I have intimate knowledge of the one armed bandit phenomenon which destroyed the lives of countless poor people in the eighties.There was no will to deal with this problem in the Fianna Fail Cabinet.. One ex garda became a very wealthy man operating a “casino” in the Dublin 7 area, at the time that OConnell street and the surrounding environs had been turned into a mini Las Vegas.
    Many of those who grew rich were Fianna Fail supporters-just as many of those who have enriched themselves in such activities as illegal dumping, in recent Ahern was a guest at the opening of one such individuals new hotel in Kerry, but later distanced himself from this scoundrel.

  3. You are such prats if you think that Harris is a FF lackey.Still if you think it bolsters your argument, fine.

  4. Wait until the Tribunal get their hands on Richardsons accounts- he cant plead the graveyard as a reason fo non appearance (Des Traynor)´
    I wonder is there a bonfire in his back yard at present.(like in Lawlors garden in Lucan)
    The fun may be just beginning.

  5. Eoin Harris has been ranting since he cut his debating teeth in the “Philosoph” in UCC in the 1960’s

    His problem is that his mouth works too fast for his brain and the latter takes a little while to catch up. Wait a while and he’ll have a good rant about Bertie.

    Glad to see this blog livening up

  6. Blogs generally liven up considerably after they have a go at a journalist or two, sure it’s hardly surprising seeing as most journalists get their information from blogs these days anyway !

  7. Harriss bithces on about the British press attacking Bertie. He works for the British Press or does he think that the London Times is an Irish issue? The fact is that Harris will peddle any old line if he’s paid enough.

  8. I heard him on Matt Cooper’s show and I was really disappointed. He let himself down badly. My history lecturerer recommended his work to me previously, but hearing him in person entirely affected my views of his credibility. His behaviour was appalling, very rude and very immature.

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