GAA slippery slope

The grants scheme for inter county players in the GAA continues to be divisive.

I tend to agree with the purists who feel that the move will undermine the amateur status of the games. The decision to pay the players but call it a grant is a typically Irish solution to an Irish problem.

Another point that hasn’t been mentioned is that, in effect, the players are been paid directly by the taxpayer. Now that’s a slippery slope.

3 thoughts on “GAA slippery slope”

  1. With regards to your ”gaa-slippery slope”.
    I personally feel that it will over time cause great damage to our Nations sport.I do believe that the GAA should look after all level of players both in hurling and gaelic football who have ongoing health problems due to injuries from their years of togging out.
    I in my early 40s can no longer hold a job down due to numerous blows to the head and every finger broken on each hand playing the great game of hurling.If they want to hand out taxpayers money don’t you think they should take care of the hurlers and footballers that have been greatly affected later on in life by their documented injuries?

    Best regards Tommy.

  2. I agree with you Tommy that such people should be looked after.

    The GAA is a very important cultural and sporting organisation. I also agree that taxpayer’s money should be used to support the organisation but I worry that this decision may see GAA players or at least the ‘stars’ being paid huge sums from the exchequer under the guise of ‘grants’.

    I hope that doesn’t happen.

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