Rock hard necks

Minister for the Environment, John Gormley, when asked about (2nd item) the heavy burden of water charges on schools said he would be encouraging them to save water and thus reduce their bills.

Unfortunately, it was an EU law and had nothing to do with him.

When it was suggested that perhaps he could ease the burden on schools by persuading his cabinet colleagues to increase capitation grants he replied.

That’s a matter for the Dept. of Education, nothing to do with me.

The Minister was in Bali preaching to the entire Western world about their gross dereliction of duty in failing to reduce greenhouse gases.

Only Irish politicians are born with such rock hard necks

One thought on “Rock hard necks”

  1. Apparently no Minister, advisor, or civil servant has bothered to read the relevant European Directive, which, according to the IT, specifically permits Governments to grant exemptions to water charges.

    This is not corruption, just incompetence!


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