Defending Bertie Ahern

“Chaos and confusion is being created willfully and wrongly by the most senior and powerful figures in the State.”

The above quote is how Bruce Arnold sums up his article on the reaction of some Government ministers to the latest developments at the Mahon Tribunal. His views are largely in line with my own (See previous two posts).

Ireland is the only country in the Western world where Government ministers could launch a cynical and dishonest attack on the very foundations of the State in an effort to defend a politician who received vast sums of cash from wealthy businessmen.

2 thoughts on “Defending Bertie Ahern”

  1. Its possible the Fianna Fail Press office got a “digout” organized (somewhere in Germany) and Dr Goebells is now in full time employ for the Soldiers of Destiny and Bart Ahern’s “Third Term”

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