2 thoughts on “Even Bertie…”

  1. By Bertie, I presume you mean Bartholomew Ahern, the man who can’t event ell the truth when it comes to shortening his name!


  2. Bartholmew Ahern is a martyr,- a living saint!. Fact: He never cared for money.(He still doesen’t). Not the extra 40 grand he was awarded recently.Not all those digouts forced upon him and pushed into his safe by hard pressing pals..and his best mate Des. He only cares for the common people. Hence his persecution -and eventual crucifixion-at the hands of The Tribunal.
    Bertie quote: “A pint of plain in Fagans is your only man”.

    He lives a simple life.He has no yachts, palaces,horses or offshore islands. He’s a man of the people.His pals may be all millionaires,and convicted tax dodgers like the Baily Brothers (25 million to Revenue).Coincidence, thats all.! Its the poor and the sick and the dying (Rosie Long’s bereaved family, breast cancer victims etc.) that he truly identifies with. He despised those wealthy builders who are in on every racket going: Building nursing homes: opening toll roads: bribing politicians: constructing co-located hospitals: flying to the Ballybrit races in private helicopters and displaying every conceivable vulgarity and ostentation (Jim Mansfield’s new palatial home costing 20 million euros) and so on..
    He despises the things of this world does Saint Bart.He even threw all that filthy lucre forced upon him into two old safes, and let it go mouldy there while he could have gotten 10% interest in a bank account and so on..is that the demeanour of a crook, a miser and a cheat I ask you?
    Bertie’s forehead is covered with penitential ashes on Ash Wednsday ,and he is a regular communicant.He flies out to meet the Pope in Rome, and get the Apostolic Blessing from Christ’s representative on earth. (Cost the taxpayer one billion Euros-that did..)
    It is widely rumoured that he says Rosaries and wears an Immaculate Medal wherever he goes. This has enabled him to survive many trials and Tribunals completely and miraculously unscathed.
    May angels watch over him when he finally goes,and may flights of them carry him to his repose in St Fintans,Sutton, where he will “lie” for eternity beside his spiritual Father, St Charles Haughey, whose eternal soul now reposes in Heavenly Pastures, a fitting reward for his equally unselfish service to the people of the irish nation.Amen.

    Happy Christmas,Holy Bart and also blessed is thy handmaid Mary,conceived with conceit: Mary pray for us who have recourse to ye and particularly for those amongst us who have recourse to your “co-located” public hospitals, Accident and Emergency units etc., this Christmas.)

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