Nasty net, nasty bloggers

Irish Times columnist John Waters does not approve of the internet,

“There’s nothing in it that’s nice and uplifting” he says. It hasn’t lived up to its expectations and as we go forward we will see the more insidious and dangerous side of it, he says

(Morning Ireland, 3rd item).

Waters is especially scathing on the subject of blogging.

Nothing but content-less spice, vitriolic poison, aggression and hate that poses a danger to vulnerable, isolated young people.

These views are not at all surprising coming from a man who doesn’t actually understand what the internet is.

Waters tells us that up to 70% of traffic on the net is pornography and asks the question:

“How seriously would we take a TV station or newspaper with such a high content of pornography?”

Obviously, he thinks the internet is a single unit phenomenon controlled by an editor with a strong interest in pornography.

The obvious question follows; should John Waters be seen as a serious and well informed journalist?

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  1. Don’t feed the trolls! Just ignore him and he might go away.

    By debating his comments, you are throwing petrol on the fire.

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