Call from Enda

Enda Kenny phoned me today in response to the post below.

The conversation was amiable but not very productive. He assured me that while I was entitled to my opinion Fine Gael was going to do things their way.

I explained my position and the core philosophy of this website – that Ireland as a country is a corrupt entity and that nothing much would change until the body politic recognised and acted on that fact.

I genuinely believe he didn’t really hear a word I said.

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  1. I don’t see any ‘post below’… but at least he phoned you?

    I can’t quite make the connection in my mind yet but, when I read this post, I immediately thought of your recent post ( where you wrote:
    “There was a curious incident when RTEs David-Davin Power was reporting from Cape Town (Morning Ireland, 7th item). Asked about the Taoiseach’s staff back in Dublin reporting on the situation back home Power replied.

    “There’s one of them listening to this programme. He’s in front of me here at Cape Town on the telephone.”

    The Government has always claimed that the special media monitoring unit is simply to keep it informed of what’s happening out there among the ordinary people.

    It is strongly denies that the unit is used to monitor the media, at great cost to the taxpayer, so that politicians can head off potential trouble.

    So why are members of this special unit in South Africa monitoring media reports?
    I’m sure Enda Kenny has media handlers as well but at least he took the time to call you. Maybe he was trying to manipulate you or maybe he misunderstands your anti-Irish-politics stance (my words) with anti-Fianna-Fail.

    On the other hand, Bertie, our Dear Leader, goes to another continent, makes ‘off-the-cuff’ remarks about people lying, yet refuses to answer certain questions from journalists. There’s the famous cliche of the three monkeys who ‘hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil’. Maybe our Dear Leader chose the right continent after all?

  2. Well aren’t you the famous one Ant eh ? 🙂

    Anyway just a few points if you don’t mind.

    Having known you for a ‘few’ years now I have to say I would never have had you down as a student of the Machiavellian school of politics. Surely the ousting of a ‘Prince’ whilst he is abroad is a bit underhand even by Irish standards (standards which you purport to be attempting to improve!)

    Whilst I agree with the vast majority of what you say vis a vie the late corrupt bastard Mr. Haughey and the equally corrupt (allegedly) subsequent Taoiseachs your argument is in serious danger of being seen as a one (or two) man war against Fianna Fail, I know this has been said before but I do believe that if you portray your non allegiance at this critical juncture in the debacle which IS the current Taoiseach you will have really gained the moral high ground (As if you weren’t deservedly there already)

    You and Gavin have made a serious and pointed contribution to ‘real’ discussion in Irish politics in the last few years and it has been a welcome relief from the usual diatribe from most of the media. I just hope that you keep the focus and don’t be swayed by phone calls from the likes of yer man (As if you would)

  3. Tactically it makes sense to wait until Bartholomew returns to Ireland. Having waited years to seriously challenge Ahern FG lose nothing by waiting for one week.


  4. That’s the problem Gordon, they’re playing tactics. By doing so they don’t actually have to deal with the problem – endemic corruption.

    Also, it really is depressing to see how easily Fine Gael can be swayed from a particular path. It indicates that they are not the party/leader for real change in Ireland

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