Catholic Church: We want to co-operate but…

The Catholic Church suffered a dose of the ‘medieval jitters’ during the week after it was announced that the price of condoms is to be reduced.

“Wrong, regrettable and contrary to the common good”… “Catholic Church utterly rejects the use and promotion of condoms”…“promotes promiscuity” “Outside of marriage, the use of condoms encourages sexual activity, which is always gravely sinful”

(Irish Times, 1st Feb. Sub req’d).

This last pronouncement is especially worrying because a grave sin is a mortal sin and a mortal sin means everlasting Hell, no reprieve, no mercy; no hope.

So; the average lad and lassie who decide to adopt a responsible and healthy attitude towards sex should be aware that they risk everlasting damnation.

Meanwhile, back in the real world of religious hypocrisy and sleaze the Catholic Church is busily protecting itself and its priests from the consequences of the central role they played in the Irish child abuse holocaust.

Cardinal Connell has initiated legal proceedings (RTE Six One News, 2nd item) to prevent the examination of files relating to child abuse but listening to Dr Eamonn Walsh, (Same report) Bishop of Dublin we could be forgiven for thinking that all this legal stuff was forced on them.

“The Archdiocese has made it very clear that they are co-operating fully, it’s in everybody’s interest, but when you have people on legal niceties, you’re always going to go into a legal minefield wherever you have lawyers involved.”

Ah yes, the age old hypocrisy – We want to cooperate but…

One thought on “Catholic Church: We want to co-operate but…”

  1. What are we thinking in continuing to allow an organization with such outmoded views to control our educational system?

    Even the most brainwashed must sense the danger.

    Ask yourselves; as the caricatures have suggested, are we an intellectually and morally inferior race, or, is something stunting our potential as individuals and as a society? I would contend that we are conditioned to let others think for us; we lack the intrinsic motivation evident in other societies.

    In short, so much of the material on this web site is here because Irish people won’t think for themselves – the perfect environment for incompetence and corruption to flourish.

    Teach the young to be good citizens with an appreciation for the balance between rights and responsibilities. Teach genuine empathy. This country will finally reveal it’s true potential!

    But you do realize what we must do first, don’t you?

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