Bozo and Borgs

It really is fascinating to observe how quickly Green Party politicians have been assimilated Borg like into the dodgy world of Fianna Fail double speak.

Green Party TD Paul Gogarty speaking on The Late Debate (Tuesday, 12 Feb) was in no doubt about who was responsible for keeping an eye on the murky activities of Fianna Fail.

It’s the electorate who are the moral guardians of Fianna Fail, nothing to do with us.

A caller to the show asked: Who is that clown from the Greens?

Gogarty helpfully replied – “Bozo is my middle name.”

One thought on “Bozo and Borgs”

  1. I thought clowns were supposed to be funny. The capitulation of the Green party is no laughing matter. I agree with the borg metaphor though, Gogarty not only looks like a strange alien from another planet but listening to him waffle on the show he sounds like he’s just landed and doesn’t known anything about what’s been going on planet earth. He’s asked to be taken to our leader and upon meeting Bertie he’s proceeded to insert his head up Berti’s jacksie.

    On the plus side though, the myth about aliens being green men has been well and truly dispelled.

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