Different countries – different standards

Today with Pat Kenny (Thursday 21st Feb.).

Report from a real democracy where citizens and public figures are aware of the importance of accountability.

Country – United Kingdom.

Politician – Ian Paisley Jnr.

“There is a perception out there that he is careless in ways and he doesn’t always give enough attention to the correct detail…I have to say, no smoking gun has yet been produced either of him or the developer with whom he’s been aligned or linked.

But the perception out there is what he was doing was bordering on the sharp practice and that’s what militated against him and forced his resignation. And the word sleaze is now endemic within his own party ranks and they feel the party will be tainted because of the perception associated with him in terms of his association with developers.”

Report from a corrupt country where almost all citizens are totally ignorant of the very serious consequences that follow when public figures are not made accountable.

Country – Republic of Ireland.
Politician – Bertie Ahern.

On the lodgement of a particular £5,000 to his account.

“He believes he got it from an individual in a company but he’s now gone back to those people. The individual is dead, they can’t locate the account. But he said; ‘It was a donation for political purposes, but a political donation for my personal use. He said he felt free to put this political donation into his own account and use it to save up to buy a house. If he was told it was a strictly political donation it would have gone to the party.”