The madness of O'Connor

Brendan O’Connor, the right wing Sunday Independent journalist is becoming increasingly agitated as the Mahon Tribunal slowly but surely closes in on his hero, Bertie Ahern.

He launched his latest tirade against the tribunal with the demand: “It should be shut down; it should be shut down now.”

From there his article descended into, well, madness really.

The country cannot afford it in financial terms.

It’s paralysing the affairs of state.

It’s preventing us from tackling the economic downturn.

The hounding of Bertie by the media and the Opposition is putting our jobs, homes and children’s future at risk.

People are no longer interested, there’s no appetite for it

Enda Kenny is a lame duck leader obsessed with hounding Bertie while everyone else has moved on.

The Daily Mail is hounding Bertie just to get a foothold in the Irish market.

The media, Opposition and the tribunal are only hounding Bertie because they have nothing else. Without the Bertie campaign many of them stand to lose status, money, work and relevance.

And then there are the lawyers; earning a fortune from the Bertie witch-hunt.

The whole thing has become a self-interested obsessional stalking, a mental illness that is spreading all the time, that has been foisted on the people against their will.

Vast tracts of our political and media establishment have lost touch with reality. Deluded, obsessed, mad people have led us down a cul de sac.

We have seen the greatest minds of our generation destroyed by madness and we have seen the greatest politician of our generation and his government rendered impotent by that madness.

Ah yes, the Tribunal is definitely getting very close.