Pensions Board moves

Hallelujah; praise the Lord; break out the champagne – The Pensions Board is taking action against a construction company (Irish Time, sub req’d) (RTE, 4th item).

For more than fifty years construction firms have been bullying, robbing and generally abusing their employees while the Pensions Board wrung its hands (See here for details).

Mary Hutch is apparently head of investigations and compliance with the Pensions Board –surely the cushiest job in the country.

Here’s a brief but entertaining account of events.

The Board first suspected something dodgy was going on from a report in the media, effectively the company concerned was going under.

So, straight away we can say that the workers will not get justice and those responsible will not be brought to account.

When the Board informed the company of its intention to bring court proceedings the company did what construction companies have been doing for fifty years – Gave it the two fingers.

The judge dealing with the case, Ms. Mary Laffoy, said there was some urgency in the matter. Yes indeed, the need to tackle illegal activities within the construction industry has been ‘urgent’ since the 1960s.

2 thoughts on “Pensions Board moves”

  1. From news reports I believe the company in question is in financial difficulties. Bit late to take action when the money has run out isn’t it? Could this possibly be about more about optics than anything else?

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