Alcohol ban.. by some god or other

Letter in today’s Irish Examiner.

ON Friday last I entered a supermarket to purchase some groceries.

When I attempted to enter the off-licence section to purchase a bottle of wine I was prevented from doing so by a childlike barricade made of cardboard boxes held together with tape.

A notice on the barricade proclaimed the purchase of alcohol was forbidden because, apparently, some god or other, with the full backing of the State, did not approve.

On enquiring from a staff member I was informed that the State only enforced laws for this particular god as all other deities were relative newcomers.

The staff member was unable to say if or when the State might become a real republic.

Anthony Sheridan

4 thoughts on “Alcohol ban.. by some god or other”

  1. To have opinion at all enlightened, silhouetted against the backdrop of careless and ill considered ideas that are the norm in Ireland, can cause one to fear their grip on reality may be more tenuous than they would like.

    A heart felt thanks for this web site and for all who contribute to it. It does for my sanity what a regular brisk walk might do for my physical health.

  2. Anthony, this is your only letter which I thought was utter nonsense. I usually look forward to reading your musings on a daily basis but the fact that you couldn’t get a bottle of plonk at your local offie on Good Friday is nothing to get cranky about.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff Anthony – love ya!

  3. Thanks for the (philosophical) kind comments Gearoid.

    Nothing to do with the wine at all Roisin. I strongly object to my freedom of choice/movement being restricted by the superstitions of others. Hope you keep on reading – Love ya 2.

  4. I was able to get my usual glass of wine in the VIP section of the cinema in Dundrum on Good Friday. Did they break the law by serving wine as part of the all-in ticket?

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