The bad news and the bad bad news

Most of the news coming out of the Health Service Executive (HSE) is depressing and frightening but a story in the Sunday Independent brought some cheer.

Apparently, staff in the IT sector of the HSE thought it would be a good idea to introduce a news ticker system on their site which flashes up any news stories on their internet home page.

Unfortunately, all the stories are bad news stories and morale is suffering as a result. Here’s some responses from HSE staff.

“It’s set up so you get articles from the last four days, they just pop up on the home page, but all they say is that basically the HSE is crap.”

“They’re depressing all our staff. It was supposed to be a helpful, good news idea, but that’s become an oxymoron.”

“It just means that every day you log on, your first 20 minutes is dedicated to catching up with how totally and utterly crap your employer is.”

“Any time anyone says anything about the HSE it’s usually that it’s a load of bollocks. But someone has decided that it should helpfully pop up on our home page.”

The HSE is a ‘load of bollocks’ – Crude, but true