Fianna Fail clones

Fianna Fail must be very happy with the situation they have created for themselves. While they enjoy all the benefits of power they have Fianna Fail clones, formerly Green Party TDs, to go out and deal with all the unpopular issues.

Mary White, alleged deputy leader of the Green Party, did a fine job on Saturday View parroting Mary Hanafin’s excuses for breaking promises on class sizes (See here).

White told us that while she was passionate about reducing class sizes unfortunately, there had been a ‘slight slippage’ in the economy and therefore the promised reduction in class sizes would not be met this year.

White made great play about her business background, suggesting that she knew more about complicated economic issues than hard pressed parents.

The issue, however, is not complicated at all. The Greens have enthusiastically adopted the traditional Fianna Fail policy of making ruthless cuts against the neediest in society when there is even a hint of ‘a slippage’ in the economy.

It’s incredible to consider that while Fianna Fail took decades to evolve into a ruthless, self-serving political party, the Greens have slipped effortlessly into the same role in a few months.

Recently, the spokesman for the Greens on education, Paul Gogarty, said in the Dail that he was ashamed and embarrassed at the Government’s commitment to education.

Mary White should also be ashamed and embarrassed but somehow I doubt that she is.

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