"I did the State – Some service

There was a comparison made on Today with Pat Kenny between the controlled departure of Bertie Ahern from power and the departure of the corrupt Haughey. It was claimed by somebody on the panel that Haughey didn’t go out with real style.

Harry McGee, political correspondent with the Irish Times, was quick to defend Haughey.

“Haughey was pushed out in February 1992 but my recollection of the speech he gave in the Dail where he quoted Shakespeare by saying ‘I did the State some service.’

I think all the commentary at the time said that Haughey left in a very dignified manner and gave a very dignified valedictory.”

“Afterwards, of course, the revisionism came in when all the new details came to light.”

I’m not quite sure in what context McGee is using the word ‘revisionism’ here. Surely he doesn’t mean that all the Haughey corruption exposed by the McCracken Tribunal was just a type of revisionism?

Regarding the Shakespeare quote ‘I did the State some service.’ I recently read a very funny letter that rearranged the quote in a manner that perfectly reflects Haughey’s true character.

“I did the State – Some service.”