Reaction to the good news

Reaction to the good news. (My comments in brackets)

Bertie Ahern – “I want to re-focus the political dynamic of this country. Recent developments have not motivated my decision. It’s nothing to do with the tribunal.”

(So, why is he resigning? Because the political dynamic of the country needs to be re-focused. And why does it need to be re-focused? Because of Ahern’s troubles at the tribunal – But…..)

Senator Eoghan Harris – “You have only to look at his face on television to see an honest face.”

“This became an extraordinary symbiosis of frenzy between a certain section of the media intent on building circulation and the Mahon Tribunal intent on justifying itself.”

(It is believed that Senator Harris was speaking from the Third Quadrant of the Intergalactic just to the left of Mars. It is not known whether he plans returning to Earth anytime soon).

Noel Whelan; journalist and Fianna Fail supporter – “His career doesn’t end in failure, it ends under pressure.”

Michael Kennedy; Fianna Fail TD – “It’s trial by media. Most of this story has been driven by the media looking for stories.” (Michael is a backwoodsman).

Brian Dobson – (RTE presenter covering the event, losing the run of himself for a moment while interviewing Fine Gael TD, Leo Varadkar.

“You accused the Taoiseach of lying in the strongest possible charge, I think, that can be laid against anybody and you might be persuaded to withdraw that term.”

Leo Varadkar; (Replies, referring to Dobson’s infamous ‘weepy’ interview with Ahern).

“You asked him did he receive any other payments and he said; ‘there were no other payments’. We know that not to be the truth, so he certainly peddled untruths to you.”

(My goodness, is there no stopping that cheeky young buck from saying nasty things about his betters?)

Noel Whelan – (Responding after a visibly angry Dobson asked – Is this the kind of thing we can expect from the Opposition?)

“The epitaph of Bertie Ahern’s political career will not be written by the Leo Varadkar’s of this world and that’s for sure.”

Margaret Conlon; Fianna Fail TD – “I do not agree with the way he was tried by the media. For all of us living in a democracy that is a sad place we have come.” (Margaret is a backwoodswoman).

Mary Hanafin; Fianna Fail TD and Minister for Education –

“He certainly didn’t have to go because of anything that came out of the tribunal.”

(This politician is ruthless and ethically blind. The good of the country and its people are way down her list of priorities – a woman to be watched).

2 thoughts on “Reaction to the good news”

  1. So poor old Bertie has developed a thin skin and just could not take anymore ?

    Trial by media. – what does that mean ? Just because journalists ask some questions and get answers that don’t add up – that’s trial by media ?

    So where does accountability come in ? Are we expected to swallow everything that our rulers come out with without asking questions and expecting the truth in reply ?

    I’m a bit tired of hearing all about the good things he did while in office. Their is no gainsaying that he has done so but it was his job to do so and he has been well paid to do it.

    Bertie’s situation is entirely of his own making. I must admit that I would be bit surprised to discover that he was “on the take” but the simple fact is that he has told lies in public, including to the tribunal -which amounts to perjury – and has been found out.

  2. I agree, Haymoon. I think you will find when the tribunal reports that Ahern was on the take. Neither can I see them coming to any other conclusion but that he committed perjury.

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