Is RTE afraid to cover Fyffes/DCC story?

RTEs Today with Pat Kenny describes itself as a current affairs programme that

“assesses the main news stories of the day and goes behind the headlines to bring you the very latest.”

Today’s programme led with a story about a man who operated a sheebeen from his home in Limerick.

Yesterday, a settlement was reached between DCC and Fyffes bringing to an apparent end the biggest corporate scandal in the history of the State.

The programme that claims to provide listeners with the very latest in news and current affairs has ignored this major news story, giving priority instead to an obscure story about an alleged breach of the licencing laws.

See previous post for a proper, no punches pulled analysis of this major corporate scandal.

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One thought on “Is RTE afraid to cover Fyffes/DCC story?”

  1. Did it ever strike you that there a lot of things of that nature that Kenny doesn’t cover and, since he is the only current affairs commentary prog on RTE radio, it doesn’t get covered. The reason? Kenny is part of that mafia, he likes to think he is ‘establishment’ and therefore the sort of dirty tricks that the money boys get up to is part of his world….

    Also, there is no coverage of that sort of thing because the powers that be in d’brook think the audience for high falutin finance stuff is limited. In view of the track record of the incoming taoiseach on ‘under the counter’ finance it is unlikey to change in RTE.

    Overall, RTE knows where the wages money comes from.

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