As others see us

Letter: Irish Times.


As a Dutch national, I am somewhat bemused by the ecstatic crowds and county flags being waved at homecoming receptions for the new Taoiseach and Tánaiste, as if they had just won the All-Ireland.

Expectations of what the two will bring to Offaly and Donegal in terms of new jobs and investment are clearly high. But surely they have been appointed to look after the country as a whole?

Yours, etc,

Director, Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick.

3 thoughts on “As others see us”

  1. Is it her role at Limerick IT to espouse her own personal views? A bit hypocritical I think !

  2. ‘As a Dutch national, I am somewhat bemused’

    Exactly right Maria; as an Irish national I am somewhat bemused too!!!!


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