King Cowen threatens first edict

There was almost universal approval when King Bertie announced that Prince Brian was to be his successor. Naturally, the Royal Court Media was delighted as were the great mass of peasantry. Even the general media, who, from time to time were wont to make some small criticism of the ruling power, were gushing in their praise.

It was accepted without question throughout the land that Prince Brian was the most intelligent entity in the universe, that if Socrates or Einstein were alive they would be beating a path to his castle in Clara to listen in awe to his words of wisdom.

It was also universally accepted that Prince Brian was the bravest knight in the realm, that he rode the swiftest steed; that he possessed the sharpest sword. He was the hero who, with just one bellow of his mighty voice, would slay the dragons of the opposition cowering in their dark caves.

Alas, the court wizards neglected to advise the great prince that he must not believe all that was said lest he be forced to actually perform to such lofty standards.

Even the great Roman emperors of yore, as they paraded through Rome in Triumph, had a slave at their shoulder constantly whispering in their ear – Remember thou are mortal, remember thou are mortal…

And so it has come to pass that on his first tryst with the chief dragon of the opposition King Cowen failed to land a blow. In truth, it must be proclaimed that the dragon had the best of it.

And today we hear that an entire clan of dragons conspired to prevent the great King Cowen deliver his words of wisdom to the great mass of peasantry, and that this dastardly act was perpetuated within the confines of the royal court itself. – Dail Eireann.

But fear not fellow peasants for the Great King has promised, nay, threatened that such behaviour will not be tolerated. He has put the unruly dragons on notice that if his royal person is not afforded due respect then he will impose an edict of silence over all the land.

The Royal Court Media has nodded its approval (2nd report).