Q & A: Still campaigning for a Yes vote

For the third week in a row the panel of Questions & Answers featured two pro Lisbon Treaty organisations – Green Party and Labour. And for the third week in a row there were no representatives from the anti treaty side.

While there was no direct question on the referendum it was inevitable that the issue would arise, as it did, on the question concerning the Mandelson WTO negotiations.

To date all the major pro treaty political parties, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party, have enjoyed the huge advantage of having their spokespersons argue their case as high profile members of the panel while those campaigning against the treaty have had to make their case as members of a general and largely anonymous audience.

There is no programme next week but the following week’s programme will be totally dedicated to the referendum. Assuming that the anti treaty side will be represented on the panel it will be the first and only occasion they will have been afforded such an opportunity before voting day.

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