Simple homemaker meets Scarlet Pimpernel

Ahhhh, Isn’t it lovely to see that Michael Lynn and the wife are still seeing each other. Still in contact, still able to meet in secret despite all those pesky police allegedly searching high and low for the bold Michael (Nine News, 9th report).

I was in tears as I heard Brid Murphy’s explanation that she’s just a simple housewife.

“My role is to make a home; when Michael asks me to sign a document I do so without reading it because I trust Michael.”

Brid should be careful here, she could have the entire Yes side in the referendum campaign banging on her door pleading with her to explain to the Irish people how easy it is to sign a document purely on the basis of trust.

Anyway, Brid tells us that the whole thing is very difficult and she’s still trying to figure it all out. Well, she’s in good company there. Legal and law enforcement agencies here are also having a difficult time trying to figure it all out.

Their job could be made a great deal easier if Brid could only tell them where her scarlet pimpernel husband is presently hiding out. He headed off to Portugal she said but didn’t give specific details.

I wonder has it occurred to enforcement agencies to ask her for a contact number so that when the next tryst is being arranged they could tag along.