A pathetic nation

“I won some of the money on a horse race”. (RTE News).

I couldn’t be bothered analysing the pathetic drivel that came out of this chancer’s mouth today. Only to say that I am deeply ashamed to be a citizen of a state where such behaviour is so easily tolerated, deeply ashamed to be a citizen of a state that has neither the will nor the legal mechanisms to bring such low grade scoundrels to justice.

We really are a pathetic nation.

5 thoughts on “A pathetic nation”

  1. I can only repeat what I posted here some weeks ago

    “As a bum, Charlie was a class act.
    As a bum, Bertie IS a bum”

    attributed to Tony (not you Anthony!)

  2. Well Ant there is always the option of moving to a different state, you have done immense work to right the wrongs in Ireland and fair play to you for that, you have helped bring down a head of state and certainly assisted in the shifting of a major corrupt business ‘leader’. Perhaps now is the time for you and Gavin to head to the spiritual home to which you both aspire, the home of non corrupt politicians, the home of perfect democracy ! Welcome to Enland !

  3. Over in Enland (as you put it Peader), people are just as fallible as here, the difference is, and it is a HUGE difference, their society demands a much higher level of accountability from their politicians and public servants generally. Scoundrels will resign rather than tarnish the reputation of the institution they serve. Several have even done porridge in recent times. Archer for example, a Lord and former deputy chairman of the Conservative party and a very popular and successful writer. Former Tory Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken is another. Interesting thing is, both these men were active in trying to reform he prison system after going through it!! Perhaps if Bertie DID a bit of porridge we’d get Mountjoy sorted;)


  4. Thank you Gearoid. My post was slightly tongue in cheek as I appreciate that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect democracy’. I do accpet your ascertions re Archer and co however it has to be said that British politicians are just as corrupt as any others elswhere but they are probably better versed in hiding it. Having lived here for twenty years I’ve seen corruption on a grand scale from local councillor to MP. Where Anthony and Gavin have got it right and as you succinctly point out, the difference is in that in Ireland the fuckers don’t get done. At least in this country some of the bastards get done. If you have the inclination and or the time and money read Private Eye magazine and pay particular attention to the ‘Rotten Boroughs’ page, therein you will see corruption on an Irish scale every fortnight.


  5. Thanks Peader; I’ve heard Ian Hislop on Have I Got News For You referred to as it’s editor, but I’ve never bought it. I’ll lookout for it on your recommendation:)


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