Notes and quotes

Mary O’Rourke’s howls of pain could be heard for miles as that dog bit deeply into her ankle.

“I take responsibility having led the Yes campaign that goes with that position. I don’t walk away from that in any way.” (An Taoiseach Brian Cowen, 1st report, 11th item)

In most countries taking responsibility means resignation – In Ireland it means nothing.

I suspect that plans and plots are afoot for the toppling of Enda Kenny.

“Obviously you’re not being allowed to interview me. As you know we were opposed by elements on the extreme left and extreme right. We’ve seen this in European history before and one of the first things to go is free speech.”

A very angry Brian Lenihan as he experiences a rare contact with ordinary people (1st report, 8th item).

I agree with several commentators who said that the result was principally a reflection of the disconnection between ordinary citizens and the body politic.

Would everybody please now standby for chaos in the universe followed by the sky falling in – Thank you.

Not once during the campaign did I hear the word ‘conscription’ mentioned never mind hotly discussed as a serious possibility. Yet Michael Martin claimed on a number of occasions today that fear of conscription, put out by the No side, was a factor in the result.

The funniest comment today was written on the tricolour displayed at Dublin Castle – “Who is the loola now Bertie? (1st report, last item).