Ahhh Mr. Schulz…

Martin Schulz MEP is not happy with Charlie McCreevy (RTE, 1st report 3rd item).

Schulz, who is chairman of the Party of European Socialists in the European Parliament, wants McCreevy fired from the Commission because of his remarks during the Lisbon Treaty referendum campaign.

“He has one of the highest responsibilities in the European Commission and then to tell people – ‘I don’t care about this treaty, I have not even read it’ is not only a mistake it is a catastrophe because the message is clear – I don’t care about the legal framework in which I have to act.’ That’s inadmissible for such a high responsibility.”

“I don’t care about the legal framework in which I have to act.” ?

Ahhh Mr. Schulz you are so innocent. Do you not know that working outside the legal framework is the default position for most Irish politicians and officials.

“And the responsible minister is McCreevy who prefers to go to a horse race than come to the European Parliament; that is the behaviour of a lord of the 19th century.”

Ahhh Mr. Schulz, are you not aware that McCreevy is merely aping the low standards of another Charlie who acted like a lord over the people for decades?

Schulz was asked should Charlie McCreevy be in the Commission at all

I’m not an employment institute, we could find certainly another dossier. Multilingualism is another dossier, perhaps it would be good for him because if you listen to him when he’s speaking English I have always the need to speak to the Commissioner of multilingualism to help me to understand Charlie.”

Ahhh Mr. Schulz, now you’ve hurt our Charlie’s feelings but also given us all a good laugh.