White collar crime in Ireland? – Where?

Crackdown, fraud, hundreds of arrests, greed, fraud charges. These are some of the words used by RTE in a report (6th report) on the action taken by US law enforcement agencies against those involved in the sub-prime scandal.

In the same report we see film of two executives from Bear Stearns bank who were charged with fraud being led away in handcuffs.

It really is fascinating to compare this report with how RTE (1st report) covered the resignation of Jim Flavin when he resigned from DCC recently.

Keep in mind that the Supreme Court found that Flavin fraudulently engaged in insider trading involving sums of over €83 million.

Not once in the report are the words fraud; greed, charges or arrest mentioned. RTE economist George Lee is also interviewed on the scandal and again no mention whatsoever of fraud, greed or crime.

RTE, in common with the rest of official Ireland, simply refuse to accept that white collar fraud exists in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Flavin remains a free man with not the remotest chance that he will ever be charged much less filmed being led away in handcuffs.

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2 thoughts on “White collar crime in Ireland? – Where?”

  1. looked like a bit of rare show arrest, remember their fraud investigator and the prosies

  2. this is RTE’s approach to reporting corruption in the ireland of 2008-

    ‘corrupt ireland is dead and gone, it is with Haughey in the grave’

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