Reynolds – Haughey fellow traveller?

For many years the cowardly and corrupt Haughey hid behind sick notes from his doctors to avoid making himself accountable before the tribunals.

Invariably, soon after every ‘health crisis’ we would see photographs of Haughey cruising in the Mediterranean or supping champagne at one function or another. Albert Reynolds, if seems, has adopted the same strategy.

It has been reported that Reynolds is unable to answer tribunal questions due to a ‘significant cognitive impairment’. This condition, among other things, involves memory loss. On that basis it is safe to say that practically every politician and businessman appearing before the tribunals is suffering from severe cognitive impairment.

It may be that Reynolds is genuinely unable to give evidence due to health problems but when I see pictures of him accepting the freedom of Cork and living it up at the Galway races I have only one thought – Haughey fellow traveler.

One thought on “Reynolds – Haughey fellow traveller?”

  1. Well the tribunal is expected to end in October and I wonder what the report will be .. don’t think they will gloss all over the last twenty years however they try ..

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