Those fecking efficient Germans

What a novel experience it must have been for Irish police to find themselves raiding a bank as part of an investigation into suspected criminal behaviour by its board members.

No, silly, not an Irish bank. Irish banks are never, ever raided. No, it was a German bank and it was the German authorities who asked the Irish police to raid. Oh those fecking efficient Germans, why can’t they be like the Irish and just ignore suspicions of major white collar crime.

The German investigation is centred around a €17.3 billion hit on a German bank that originated in Dublin’s IFSC financial centre, an entity that the New York Times recently described as the ‘Wild West’ of European finance. Another financial expert referred to the Dublin operation as “A sloppily-run pig sty”.

Meanwhile, in a rare show of activity the so called Irish Financial Regulator issued a statement saying it was ‘aware’ of the raids – Dimly aware, I suspect.

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