Home grown religious fanatic – A view

I wrote recently about how disturbing it was to see Obama and McCain prostrate themselves before a religious fanatic as part of their campaigns to get elected to the most powerful office in the world.

One of our own home grown religious fanatics, David Quinn, takes the complete opposite view. Here’s what he wrote in this week’s Irish Catholic.

The Power of Rick Warren

“What power. Rick Warren is founder of one of the biggest evangelical churches in America, and author of the mega best-seller The Purpose-Driven Life.

Last weekend, both John McCain and Barack Obama were separately interviewed for one hour each by Pastor Warren about every kind of issue, both private and public.

In a million years I cannot imagine any politician here agreeing to spend an hour of his time answering questions put to him by a priest or pastor.

And we pretend to respect religion.”

No comment needed.

2 thoughts on “Home grown religious fanatic – A view”

  1. Green Ink, I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    But yes, you’re right about the Irish Catholic. I read it every week in order to keep up with how these people are thinking. People like David Quinn, John Waters, Breda O’Brien etc.

    When these people are writing for mainline newspapers they are very circumspect about what they say but when writing in the IC they are more open in their extremism presumably because they assume they are preaching to the already converted.

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