O'Connor's Bertie love in

They say love is blind, that those struck by the condition find it impossible to see any bad in the object of their desire. And so it seems with Brendan O’Connor and his undying love for Bertie.

His article in today’s Sunday Independent is entitled ‘Tis Bertie’s summer of love’. Here are some of O’Connor’s Bertie endearments.

On criticism of Bertie’s performance on The Road to Croker.

“The thing that mattered about Bertie on The Road to Croker was what always mattered with Bertie. It was that feel good factor he radiates.”

“For an hour (with Bertie) there was no recession, no bad weather and everything was alright.”

On (grumpy bird) Cowen’s performance.

“As we deal with our current grumpy bird, Bertie is reminding us how good we always felt when we were with him. And how we always looked on the bright side of things. We need the Bertie Aherns of the world right now.”

On Darren Sutherland’s comment that winning bronze at the Olympics was like winning gold.

“We believed when we listened to him that bronze was the new gold. And that’s what we need right now, guys who can convince us that bronze is gold. Never mind Cowen addressing the nation — every day at noon, Bertie Ahern and Darren Sutherland should address the nation. And tell us that everything is alright. And we’d believe them.”

No Brendan – Only fools believe Bertie.

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