The hungry rich?

I have no problem with rich people. Most of them work hard for their money and so long as they’re not buying politicians or breaking the law in some other way I say – best of luck.

It is, however, ridiculous to hear someone like Jim Mansfield (worth €1.7 billion) declare:

“I have money in property and in this and that, but at the end of the day it means nothing to me really”

Of course it means nothing to him, it’s only people who have feck all that actually worry about money.

It’s even more ridiculous to hear the Mansfield’s of this world claim that they’re just managing to avoid falling into the pit of starvation.

“Money wouldn’t come on my list of priorities at all. All I want is to be able to get a bit of money to eat every week and that’ll keep me going.”

Give us a break, Jim.

Now, where did I stash that tin of beans I was keeping for Sunday dinner?

2 thoughts on “The hungry rich?”

  1. I carry no brief for Jim Mansfield but in his defence – and he’s not the most articulate of men – what he was probably trying to say was that it wasn’t money per se that he liked but MAKING money.

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