NRA promise: No surcharge on new toll system

According to Hugh Creegan of the National Roads Authority (NRA) retailers will not impose a surcharge on motorists when they purchase their barrier free toll cards. For the record, here’s what Creegan said:

“No, there won’t be any surcharging; they’ll just be paying the statuary toll charge and nothing else. While it may be technically possible it won’t happen in practice.”

(RTE News, 4th report).

What Hugh means is that retailers are legally entitled, if they so decide, to skim off a little something for themselves under the new system. Hugh’s promise that it won’t happen in practice holds about as much credibility as a politician’s promise.

A few years ago when I went to purchase some credit for my mobile phone I was informed by an embarrassed shop assistant that there was a surcharge on the transaction. I told him that I would throw my phone in the sea rather than submit to such greedy extortion.

Motorists should adopt the same attitude when faced with the same rip off, as they inevitably will, despite Mr. Creegan’s promises.

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