Second Lisbon Treaty referendum? – Definitely

There’s a lot of talk going on about the possibility of holding a second Lisbon Treaty referendum. Here’s my penny’s worth.

There will definitely be another referendum. The Government has only to decide on strategy. It’s unlikely they’ll opt for the mad ‘fancy legal footwork’ idea suggested by Irish Times columnist Stephen Collins.

Two prongs of their strategy will be:

The demonisation of key figures on the anti treaty side and in particular Ganley and McEvaddy.

The central plank of the Government’s campaign will not be on the treaty per se but will focus on frightening Irish voters into thinking that a No vote will mean being thrown out of the EU.

One thought on “Second Lisbon Treaty referendum? – Definitely”

  1. Beggars belief that will be another referendum on Lisbon like haven’t we had the debate on this already. The lisbon treaty has little or nothing going for it, the way I read it just a power grab by the larger states, go along with every they want or take a walk basically. But already the campaign is under way the muck slinging and the softening up of opponents is well ahead.

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